Thursday, May 17, 2012

Helmet: The Head Protector

The weather is fair enough and inviting. The sky is as clear as blue crystal. The sun is flaming hot offering a warm and exciting motorcycle ride. Your well-maintained motorcycle is ready in the garage hoping to be of service to her master. But are you ready for an action-packed adventure either with or without a helmet? Are you willing to compromise? Last night you're disturbed by the revelation of a fact that helmets has its drawbacks. Now you are more bothered. Which is which?

Today, contradictory data about wearing helmets are widespread. Some studies are saying that wearing helmets has caused neck injuries that aggravate the condition of riders after encountering an accident. Some studies are on the exact reverse. They prove that a lot of lives are saved just by the reason of wearing helmets. Which of these two is more alarming? Which is to be set aside in order to yield outstanding security?

By virtue of these conflicting studies, riders are now bewildered which study to believe in. The indecision is blatant that the urge to ride a bike has been affected. This shouldn't be happening. We must make a choice. This choice can be guessed by the facts around us.

Helmets are designed to protect our head. Our head is vital not only because it has our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth and to let it be wounded will render us blind, deaf, deformed and less productive. It is vital because inside it is our brain. Our brain is soft and fragile while the road and cars are hard. Hits, bumps and terrible mishaps happen unfortunately, if our head is not well-protected, it will meet the hard road or vehicle parts and that may mean our doomed end.

Our brain controls every part of our body thus, it must be protected at all times. But how do you choose the best motorcycle apparel to protect your head? Does cost matters? Do ratings matter?

Helmets must pass a very dogmatic test involving real collisions. After that, augmentation in its structure can be done. The outer shell of the helmet must not be easily perpetrated or scratched. Another factor is that it must even out the impact so as not to damage the head by the rapid deceleration of the collisions.

Mostly, price has no relation to the overall features and work of a helmet. You can get a good-quality helmet at a fair price. Bear in mind that price is not a standard.

Ratings, on the other hand, can be a viable standard. If it passed the hardest test then it is well likely to have a good rating.

Safety and protection must be prioritized. Thus, always wear helmet to be safe and protected.